Penny Auctions in the News

New Phenomenon!

Unlike eBaypenny auctions are relatively a new phenomenon but have taken the world by storm within its short life of barely few years. This exciting concept is best explained as a smart shopping channel that allows sellers to sell their products on exceptionally cheap prices but still make huge profits. Source:

Bidders on penny auction sites can pick up deals, or a new addiction.
David Migoya, The Denver Post


Penny auction sites are poised to take advantage of the recent growth in social networking and mobile Internet access.

With more users now having access to broadband internet from their mobile devices, consumers are more inclined to shop from the comfort of home, or anywhere else they may have high speed Internet access. By incorporating a social network within a purely shopping environment, and adding the benefit of buying premium products for pennies on the dollar, Social Entertainment Shopping has all the right elements to become one of the preferred online stores among e-commerce titans such as Amazon, and eBay. Mobile internet users are exploding and are predicted to reach more than one billion by 2013! Plus, shopping is predicted to become even more popular with mobile users and people will find that penny auctions are a fun way to shop. Source: